Burbank’s Treasure, Jackie Robbins Leather Goods

I’m always out and about with my mom exploring new things. On a lucky day I decided I needed to teach her some new trends and for you lovely readers of The Lipstick Bubble of course. It means a lot to me to support the business owners in my community.
So as we stroll through my neighborhood, I stumbled upon this treasure Jackie Robbins Leather + Jewelry Shop. We walked in and I was stunned by what I saw. I just had a fit for all the leather purses. I made my way through and between the table displays and realized Ms Jackie herself was actually making these beautiful pieces. I stood there for a minute to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks while I took pictures and my mom tried on purses. Take a look at all the magic that happens at Jackie Robbins Leather + Jewelry Shop in Burbank. You really need to see this for yourself. It will blow your mind.  IMG_1786 IMG_1794 IMG_1798 IMG_1776 IMG_1821 IMG_1760 IMG_1775

The Process… All custom, hand made, one of a kind leather pieces.   IMG_1825 IMG_1815 IMG_1801 IMG_1802

The amazing old fashioned equipment she use.IMG_1810 IMG_1784 IMG_1783 IMG_1752 IMG_1825

Please check out Jackie Robbins in Burbank and tell her The Lipstick Bubble sent you.

IMG_1789 IMG_1790 IMG_1792Thank you so much Ms Jackie for allowing my mom and I the time to stop by and admire your adorable, and one of a kind creations . We wish you all the blessings in the world with loads and loads of sales .

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kiki’s Keratin Treatment Research

My Keratin Treatment Research and Experience 

About 4 years ago, I chopped off all my hair and rocked a really short pixie situation with a little spikage in the top.

First day of Keratin Treatment
First day of Keratin Treatment

Weeellllllll I ended up hating it for 4 reasons
1. I’m an extreme girly girl and it just looked too masculine. Plus I couldn’t get the cut perfected when I went back for touch-up cuts. I was walking around looking like Peter Pan.
2. On bad hair days, I couldn’t pull together a messy top bun.
3. MAIN REASON. I agreed to get a Keratin Treatment so the cut could withstand the southern heat of Hotlanta. This was the absolute worst decision I had ever made for my hair. And I am still clipping away at my ends to get rid of it because it DOES NOT just wash away with time. Sea salt didn’t work! Ole’ fashion Lemon Fluff didn’t work! Shampoos with sulfates did NOT work!!!  So if you have a Keratin Treatment and want to get rid of it, you will end up cutting your hair to get it out.  My beautiful hairstylist friend had all good intentions but it just didn’t work with my chemistry.
4. It has formaldehyde in it as the straightening agent… “What the entire F***!!!  FullSizeRenderFacts for your Soul
Health Risks of Formaldehyde:
If you work with hair products that contain formaldehyde, you can be exposed to the chemical by:

  • Breathing it in through your nose and mouth
  • Getting it on your skin
  • Getting it in your eyes or mouth

Formaldehyde is a known cancer-causing substance. Exposure to formaldehyde can also cause:

  • Eye irritation and damage, including blindness.
  • Nose irritation, including bloody noses.
  • Skin sensitivity, rashes, and itching.
  • Breathing difficulties, such as coughing and wheezing

Hair Smoothing Products that Could Contain Formaldehyde
Brazilian Blowout

  • Acai Professional Smoothing Solution (FDA Warning Letter)
  • Professional Brazilian Blowout Solution


  • Brasil Cacau
  • Acai Therapy

Copomon/Coppola   (ding ding ding ding)

  • Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy
    • Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment
    • Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blonde
    • Express Blow Out

Marcia Teixeira

  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  • Advanced Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  • Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment
  • Soft Gentle Smoothing Treatment
  • Soft Chocolate Gentle Smoothing Treatment   hairsalons_bottle(United States Dept. of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration)


All of this to say, do your research before you say “Yes” when offered chemicals in your hair, or anything else for that matter.  Read, ask questions and read some more.

Now I have totally gone the chem-free, natural route and it works perfect. Yep I believe in living off the land. My favorite conditioner/stimulator is avocado and castor oil (with a little sweet almond oil). I’m still clipping off straight ends but my hair feels better and it’s so much healthier. I love every nap, twist, curl and frizz because it’s suppose to be there.  IMG_2685Sometimes I wear my hair straight and sometimes I just want to be free of behaviors that emphasize the perceptions of what beauty is. Plus my fro is not big as it use to be…. almost.
Beauty is what I make it… and so it is.
At least I have my messy top bun back though.   FullSizeRender(1)Stand by for my natural hair non-straight journey!!!

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On a side note, Check out this great read about organic gardening. This also is good for hair growth and great skin. http://freepremiumebooks.com/files/pdf/OrganicGardeningForBeginners_3u0qfed1qt.pdf

Get The Look from Larry Sims – Adepero Oduye/Aja Naomi King/Gabriella Union

Soooooo I know the Oscars are over but so what these hair looks gave me everything I needed…wait almost everything. GORG!!

Smooth ‘N Shine Celebrity Hairstylist, Larry Sims that he created for celebs at the Oscars and the Vanity Fair Oscar Bash.

Below are step-by-steps to get the looks of Adepero’s regal crown updo, Aja Naomi King’s gorgeous waves and Gabriella Union’s sexy undone bob.

 Adepero Oduye at the Oscars    image001


  • First, start with the natural hair texture and smooth Smooth ‘N Shine Instant Edge Smoothing Pomadethroughout the hair and hairline for a sleek silhouette
  • Create a ponytail at the crown, leaving the very top portion out and loose
  • Next,create a double strand twist from the left to right of the crown
  • With the rest of the loose hair, give it an under twist and repeat three times in a regal crown style
  • Complete the look with Smooth ‘N Shine Spray-On Polisherfor a red carpet finish

Aja Naomi King at Vanity Fair Oscar Bash    image002


  • To start, work Smooth ‘N Shine Polishing Instant Repair Hair Polisherthroughout the hair to create an intense, healthy shine
  • Next, take small sections of the hair starting at the nape and curl with ¾ sized iron. Make sure to wrap each section in the same direction
  • Once the entire head is curled, establish a  part on the left side
  • After the curl has set, brush the hair out to create synchronized waves
  • Tuck the left side behind the ear and finish with off with Smooth ‘N Shine Spray-On Polisher

Gabriella Union at Vanity Fair Oscar Bash    image003


  • Prep hair with Smooth ‘N Shine Polish Styling Mousseand blow out with a round brush to achieve a shiny smooth texture
  • Next , flat iron the fringe around the face over the left eye
  • Take random chunks of hair and create bends in various directions toward the ends of the hair
  • Once set, shake out the hair and spray with Smooth ‘N Shine Spray-On Polisherfor a dazzling finish

Great Job Smooth ‘N Shine
Even GREATER JOB Celebrity Hairstylist  Larry Sims!!!

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Design Essentials – Texture on the Runway

Design Essential is one my absolute FAVORITE hair care lines on the market. Well let me tell you, they show up at New York Fashion Week and gave life in a plentiFULL manner. Take a look…

Design Essentials – Texture on the Runway

Design Essentials Natural is a multicultural haircare brand with a strong professional legacy as the texture expert. As a gold sponsor at Texture On The Runway, a runway show hosted by TextureMedia and Target, we aim to inspire those that wear waves, curls and coils. Since dryness is a primary concern for those embracing their natural curls, we are Declaring War on Dryness!  Our trend will platform military-inspired looks, and the hair will rock vibrancy and movement.  The products used from the Design Essentials Natural Collection in creating each TOR style will not only accentuate curls with shine and curl definition, but will also maximize moisture and strength for the health and integrity of the hair. Making peace with your texture is our ultimate goal. Each product is available at target.com and select Target stores.

Inspiration#1 “Twisted Intelligence”    IMG_3953 IMG_4210


Mode#2 Caroline Rojas

Products: Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling shampoo & leave in conditioner, Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm, Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist, honey & shea edge tamer

Inspiration #2 “Base Commander”    IMG_3962 IMG_4311


Model #1 BLOGGER Arie Francis

Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling shampoo & leave in conditioner, Twist & Set setting lotion, Curl stretching cream, twist or rod set, honey & shea edge tamer

Inspiration#3 “The Adversary”    IMG_4250


Model#5 Dakota Moore

Products: Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling shampoo & leave in conditioner, Coconut & Monoi Coconut Water Curl Refresher, Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist, Honey & Shea Edge Tamer

Inspiration#4 “Firepower”    IMG_4462


Model#4 BLOGGER Chime Edwards

Products: Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling shampoo & leave in conditioner,  Coconut & Monoi Coconut Water Curl Refresher, Honey curl forming custard, Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist

Inspiration#5 “Civil Twilight”    IMG_4234



Products:  Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling shampoo & leave in conditioner, Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm, Coconut & Monoi intense shine Oil Mist    IMG_4384 IMG_4392 IMG_4396 IMG_4400 IMG_4408 IMG_4474

I’m really excited that I can now purchase their amazing products at Target!

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Tinashe Named Face Of MAC’s “Future Forward” Campaign



“M·A·C pairs up with a powerful generation of women who are reshaping music’s future in a series of exclusive collaborations. From the crusading pop up Halsey to the soulful R&B/pop jams of Tinashe and Lion Babe’s modern funk to DeJ Loaf’s electrifying rap, each visionary female taps into the core of her own creative force through a limited edition colour statement.”   unnamedunnamed(1)Future-Forward-MAC-2016-billboard-650

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“Bleachorexia” – The Health Risks of Over-Whitening

Do you know there’s warning signs and health risks associated with over-whitening your teeth. Every time I turnaround someone on Instagram has a blue LED light stuck in their mouth bleaching their teeth. Now I can’t lie, I would love a good pair of TV teeth however not at the expense of my health. I do love a great looking pair of white teeth but you have to be careful not to over do it. Dr. Timothy Chase, Cosmetic Dentist and Practicing Partner at SmilesNY is kind enough to lend his expertise on signs of “bleachorexia” over bleaching.

Pay Attention…   logo

Three signs of over whitening:
1. Sensitive teeth, especially to cold
2. Inflamed or bleeding gums
3. Teeth that look blue or see through along the edge

Three health risks that arise from over whitening:
1. Damage to the nerves your teeth
2. Thinning of your tooth enamel
3. Burning of your gums

Three ways to safely and effectively whiten:
1. Have your teeth examined and cleaned prior to whitening- to make sure there are no cavities or gum issues and clean teeth get a much better result
2. Follow the directions on all teeth whitening products perfectly
3. Find quality products by speaking to your dentist about your teeth whitening options   Dr. Timothy Chase


Timothy Chase, DMD

Dr. Chase has been in practice with an emphasis on natural tooth preservation and oral health for more than 17 years. He is affiliated with the American Dental Society, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, and Academy of General Dentistry. A prominent figure in the media, Dr. Chase offers expert advice as a cosmetic dentist to New York magazines and TV programs. He has appeared on MTV, Lifetime Network’s Balancing ActE- online, the NY Daily NewsIn-touch WeeklyTeen VogueNew Beauty, and many other fashion and beauty magazines. Dr. Chase remains on the forefront of the latest advances in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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New Editor’s FAV… BUTTER Elixir

Ok so you all should know by now that I’m not big on featuring just any old product on The Lipstick Bubble. I am also extremely picky about what I use on my skin because you can never under estimate product ingredients or their affects on how you feel. Now here’s the thing, I LOOOOOOOVE body butters, oils and fragrances BUT they MUST be natural and complimenting to my chemistry. Welllll guess what, I have discovered yet another treasure of beauty & wellness…BUTTER Elixir!

BUTTERelixir is a high-quality unisex product line with a refined, elegant packaging that is able to appeal to people that are in search of pure and simple skin care.  BUTTERelixir mission is to make you feel good, beautiful and clean.

The fragrance is so amazing and leaves an aroma in the room of luxurious botanicals well after you’ve left. Another thing that melts my heart with Butterelixir is their use of almond oil, organ oil, lavender & rosehip. I was SOLD!!! My skin feels soft and smooth all day. It doesn’t make me feel like there’s a coating on my skin that gives me hot flashes. I know it’s weird but that’s another story. Butter Elixir has several beautiful oils and soaps that compliment all body chemistries. So yes I definitely give BUTTERelixir 2 thumbs up and highly recommend to all you lovelies! #5stars for #butterelixir

Waaaaaait!!! I even got this adorable BUTTERelixir bag! Makes me pretty happy!   IMG_4732

Butter Elixir story

Wonderful sets on BUTTERelixir.com $95-$131

BUTTERelixir face oil is a gentle and hydrating face oil that is perfect for all skin types to allow you to become the most beautiful version of yourself.  Rose Hip oil is paired with Argan oil and Apricot Kernel oil to create a light and easily absorbed moisturizer that is perfect for daily use.  Rose essential oil unifies the formula with its fragrant hug. Housed in a clean and sturdy glass 1-ounce, a sensitive, easy to use eyedropper allows for the perfect amount to be applied with each use.

• Ingredients: Apricot oil, Rosehip oil, Argan oil, Rose  $48

The perfect accessory for shower time is the BUTTERelixir all natural sponges. Using in conjunction with BUTTERelixir bar, one can create a sumptuous foaming and lathering to make any shower or bath a truly opulent and luxurious rendezvous. Our natural sea wool sponge is a remarkable work of art within itself, native of from the Pacific Ocean. Functional beauty is a key theory at BUTTERelixir and the sponge is a symbol of that. Thoroughly expel the water after each use to keep sponge well cared for and lasting for 3 months.  $13

Butter Elixir 2

Thanks BUTTERelixir for being my new FAAAV!!
Follow IG: @butterelixir

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A Conversation with Hair Master Cynthia Meadows

I had the pleasure of catching up and having a conversation with Hair Master Cynthia Meadows. She filled me in on great tips and Bronner Bros Hair Show “tee”. I learned quite a bit. Check it out…   Cynthia Meadows Promomotional What is the history behind the name brand A Bliss? What does it mean to you?    A’Bliss Studios is an upscale multicultural beauty salon that provides exceptional five-star customer service in an upscale environment. A’Bliss Upscale Styling Studio is cutting edge with flair and precision specializing in healthy hair. Abliss means extreme joy and happiness, and my salon is my happiness and joy.

What does it feel like to actually see and hold a product with your very own label?    I’ve been working on my product line for 3 years now. With many learning experiences in business, product changes, and brand development, I’ve finally come up with the perfect all natural product line that I can stand behind. I’m extremely elated to finally deliver a product and a brand in stores that I’ve worked so hard for–coming soon!


Tell us why you chose to be a hair stylist and create cuts that set trends in the hair industry?     When you can go to work everyday and actually enjoy what you do, it’s more then just a job, it’s a career. My love affair with hair begun at 14 years of age. Creating and setting trends are not easy if your not a natural born artist. I aspire to inspire with my gift to set the tone for other hair stylists within my industry.

If must ask this question that everyone want to know, who is the little girl that gave all life in your Bronner Brother Hair Battle? Omg, everyone thinks the little girl in my presentation is my daughter lol! Her name is Karey, and she is actually a model in Jacksonville, Florida.   IMG_2945(1)

You did amazing work in the Bronner Brother’s show. What was your prep process?    The prep process for the Bronner Brothers hair competition was very strategic and stressful. It took 2 months of preparation to pull this show off.

IMG_2960 How did you feel about the decision of the Bronner Brothers Hair Battle?    I felt that the decision of the Bronner Brothers showcase was somewhat fair. I feel like hair shows are beginning to be just entertainment, not about hair. The rule was to be original, meaning you can not repeat nothing that any hairstylist has done. I definitely feel I did my best to create an authentic and creative showcase.

Briefly describe your planning process for creating a brand new hairstyle? Is it just off the top of your head or are you always thinking of new hairstyles for your next client?    When a client sits in my chair and asks for a custom look, there are several factors as a stylist I have to consider. The clients lifestyle, personality, hair type and facial shapes; all plays a role in creating a new hairstyle just for her.   Cynthia Meadows blind fold cut method

How do you go about setting yourself apart from other hair stylists in Atlanta? What makes your hair care product line different from everything else on the market?    My brand and techniques sets me apart from a lot of hairstylist in this industry. My name alone speaks volume because of the brand that I’ve built. My hair care line is a natural luxury brand that caters to clients that desire a premium luxury natural line for all hair types. I’ve created the best luxury line that’s on the market; even down to the bottle design!

Who is your most influential hairstylist or mentor?    The most influential hairstylist in the industry to me is Kimberly Kimble, Ted Gibson and John Paul Mitchell.

Atlanta is known for being the hair capital of the world. What motivates you to keep going and elevate your skills in such a tough Atlanta hair care market?     Atlanta is known for being the largest hair capital in the world, it’s tough everywhere not just in Atl. I have so many goals in this industry; until the age of 40 (my retirement). In order to keep clients coming to your chair you have to stay on top of the latest trends, and invest in advanced education to remain as top hairstylist.

How do you get the support from your celebrity clients to push your product?    I get support from my celebrity clients by them actually trying the product first before telling others about it. I believe a person has to believe in your product before they can stand behind it.   cynthiameadows2

If you’re rushing out of the house to avoid being late for work, what 3 beauty products would you make a u-turn to go back and grab?    My top three products that I must grab when rushing out the house is my ‘Bliss spray ( a lightweight shine and heat protectant), Tame me edge control from my product line. and Bed Head holding spray.

The Lipstick Bubble wants to know, off the top of your head, what is your perfect street style look? What style do you think is hot in the streets now?    My perfect street style look is Kim Kardashian because she makes the simplest outfit look good. The new street style trend is a tailored blazer, high-waisted jeans and a crop tee.

What advise do you have for aspiring hair stylist?    The best advice I can give to an aspiring hairstylist is to follow your dreams, don’t allow fear and doubt to live inside of you.

What makes you happy?    Seeing my team pursue their dreams and goals makes me happy–to know that A’Bliss was apart of their initial process is extremely gratifying.   IMG_2946

What makes you angry?    It makes me angry when I don’t meet my end of the year goals! (Laughs)

What’s next for Cynthia Meadows and the amazing A BLISS brand? A’Bliss is becoming more then just a brand, but a household name. Be on the look out for A’Bliss luxury hair care line, cosmetics and more!

Where are you located and where can The Lipstick Bubble readers find you online?    For more Info on Abliss Studios or me visit ablissstudios.com or on Instagram @Iamcynthiameadows Promo

Photo Credit: Blue Franswa

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Clinique Holiday In-Store Wrapping Event

Clinique and Eden Passante, DIY Expert behind Sugar & Charm, celebrate the holiday season with complimentary custom gift-wrap service at Macy’s South Coast Plaza   Sugar and Charm

WHAT: In the final few days before the holiday, Clinique has created the perfect one-stop holiday shop! This year, Clinique and Eden Passante, DIY expert and founder of the blog Sugar & Charm, are celebrating together with custom holiday gift-wrap, DIY present toppers and gift tags!

On Friday, December 18th, 2015, Clinique will be providing complimentary custom gift-wrap services with the purchase of any Clinique holiday set. Eden Passante will be adding DIY gift touches to complete each present, making the recipient feel extra special before they even open their gift! We’re taking all the stress out of holiday shopping – come pick up some last minute gifts with custom wrapping or buy yourself a little holiday gift for you to unwrap yourself, you deserve it!

WHERE: Macy’s South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
WHEN: Friday, December 18th, 2015
5:00PM – 7:00PM


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Infinity Braided Updo


“I love this braided updo because even though it appears as if you need mad braiding skills to achieve it, you really don’t, ” explains Roxie Jane Hunt, contributor for www.Latest-Hairstyles.com. “The bones of this hairstyle are all based around basic braiding techniques, making the infinity braid do-able for anyone. Medium-long to long hair is needed to create this look. If you don’t have quite enough hair to create the finished look you desire, simply throw in a few clip-in extensions!

The infinity braid is also a perfect style for day two dirty hair (and beyond) and the perfect DIY look that can take you from a casual lunch date to an evening formal event in a snap.”

Step 1   unnamed-2

For this gorgeous look, you will need to section the head into threes, two small side sections and one large section down the middle. French braid one of the side sections.

Step 2   unnamed-3

Create a basic three-strand braid on the remaining side section and larger middle section. Secure all braids with a small elastic.

Step 3   unnamed-4

Starting with your center braid, wrap it loosely into a bun.

Step 4   unnamed-5

Use bobby pins around the bun to secure it in place.

Step 5   unnamed-6

Take the French braided section and wrap it under and around the middle bun. Pin into place.

Step 6   unnamed-7

Finally, take the remaining smaller side braid and wrap it over and around your middle bun. Pin that braid into place and spray the entire look with a hairspray of your choice.

Done!   unnamed-8

Thanks Roxie for this beautiful tutorial!!

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